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Wool from VeenendaalThe history of the Scheepjeswol brand is closely linked to Veenendaal in the province of Utrecht. Since 1750s the processing of wool became the most important industry. And at the end of the 18th century, trade developed and small businesses emerged. Some wool combers bought the spun wool, dyed it and sold it on.

Increasingly bigger and biggerAlmost 100 years after it had been founded, it employed nearly 300 people. The company grew steadily and in 1949, at its 150th anniversary, it received a royal warrant. At its height in 1962, Scheepjeswol had 900 employees.

A new startStruggles through the 60s & 70s brought serious problems. Cheaper products from countries outside of Europe and a shrinking market eventually led to Scheepjeswol’s bankruptcy in 1988.

But Twenty-two years later, family-owned business De Bondt, a haberdashery wholesaler located in Tynaarlo, Drenthe, took over the Scheepjeswol brand name and gave it a new lease of life so that today we can again use the yarn of this famous Dutch brand.

The Scheepjeswol logo shows a ship based on a ‘Samoereus’, an inland vessel that among other things was used to transport peat from the bogs around Veenendaal. You can find the same ship in Veenendaal’s coat of arms.

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