July 20th, 2022
Yarns Unspun

Welcome Back!

Hellooooo – If you are reading this then welcome to our new Yarns Unspun Newsletter. My goodness hasn’t it been such a very long time since we have been in touch!

And if you are one of the lovely new people who have signed up to our newsletter over the last few months then you are very welcome to our new Yarns Unspun news reel. We hope you enjoy our ramblings.

It has been the busiest 6 months out of the last six years in business (I know, can you believe it has been six years already!) and today I’m going to let you know a bit about what we have been up to during this time.

There are TWO HUGE things going on at the moment, today I am going to fill you in on the first and that is – drum roll please - that we have a BRAND-NEW WEBSITE! Whoop! Whoop!

Please do get out the trumpets and play us a fanfare... it's been quite a journey.

My goodness it’s been a slog, well not really for me, but for Girl IT Elf inputting all the stock (again, sorry lovely, I owe you huge amounts of wine for this) and for Boy IT Elf who has built the bones of the website and indulged our wants, needs and dislikes and has had to learn A LOT about yarn in the process.

Teaching Boy Elf about wips, chains, yarn weights (fingering yarn anyone!) he’s had a lot to learn; but he’s taken on the challenge with steely determination and we got there in the end.

In all honesty a Yarn online shop is really quite different to regular online shops. Who else has one item but can come in 100+ colours and every 10 balls has a different batch number etc etc etc and let us not get started on the million types of knitting needles available... literally over 2000 thousand products for your perusal.

I cannot thank both Elves enough for all their effort and time, it is truly a thing of beauty and I am so very proud of it and very proud of Girl and Boy Elves too for making the new website a reality.

So while we leave the elves rocking in a corner overcome with relief that its nearly at an end, drinking gin, let me show you round the website...
The link to the site is the same as the old link so if you search out www.yarnetc.co.uk you will (hopefully seamlessly) find us just like you could before.
As you can see, we have streamlined everything and made our lovely website space as user friendly as we possibly can. The yarn etc are easily found via the drop-down menus... or simply use the search button
yarn menu 3
Yarns by Brand

Girl IT Elf has been updating all the photos to make them clearer, sharper and prettier; and consolidated the larger brands so you can see them all together rather than one at a time; so hopefully I am sure you will agree the whole shopping experience should be easier to navigate and greatly enhanced.

Yarn based Classes are back at Yarn etc…

Looking to learn how to knit or crochet?

Already can but would like to extend your range of skills and techniques?

How about other yarny based classes such as Bargello Embroidery or Weaving?

We have now a fabulous range of classes that take place in our new ‘Den of Yarniquity’ … our cosy workshop area behind the shop, with refreshments and of course, cake, make for an excellent friendly environment to get the most out of the class... and meet fellow enthusiasts.

While we are now on a summer break, we are adding all our autumn & winter workshops to the class page for your perusal. So do pop back as the programme fills up.

On the page you can see a brief outline with links to book.

Alternatively, explore our Facebook Events Page too.
Web capture_20-7-2022_143326_yarnetc.co.uk
Yarns Unspun
In our new blog Yarns Unspun... we'll be sharing all our news and many yarny articles too.

Now, I recommend you go grab a cuppa (or something very cold, flip is not this weather outside scorching) and give yourself half an hour to have a browse round the site and have a play.

There is lots of stuff to look at as well as to buy and we would thoroughly love your feedback so please do go, go, go and check out the website and have fun, ooh and ahh over all the yarns, and spend money ;) I bet there’s loads more than you ever thought we had!!

Now I did say there are TWO HUGE things going on at the moment... I wonder how many of you sleuths will stumble across the second one... it's VERY exciting!

Stay tuned for our big announcement this coming Sunday!

Speak soon and have fun.
Fi xx

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