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Spring has sprung!

It's finally here! Spring has arrived and with it the promise of lighter evenings and the chance to start new projects. And speaking of new...I've got lots of exciting arrivals to show you.
So grab yourself a cuppa (and maybe a biscuit), and lets get stuck in!

Look what's new!

Coastal Cotton Ocean Mist
Queensland Myrtle ball
Brighton Beach
All of these yarns come from a supplier in Amityville USA, the place Jaws was supposed to have eaten everyone in the films, but unlike the film, the yarn doesn't have teeth! 😂

Limited Edition...our version of Easter Eggs!

Here at Yarn etc... we believe that eggs aren't just for Easter!
We’ve got just a few boxes left, £6.95* and hidden under the lid there are 4 suggestions for easy Easter crochet patterns too.
These are in store only, while stocks last. Email [email protected] for more info and to buy mail order.

Fi's personal favourite is...

This yarn. It’s ridiculous. As in ridiculously soft and very squishy!
Someone should invent a way to portray squishy silky softness through ‘tinternet. My vocabulary just doesn’t stretch that far. What would it be called?? Squish-o-vision?? Anyhow, enough daydreaming. This is just awesome. I want it all.
100% pure baby alpaca. £6.95 /50g 100m.
You may have seen our recent post on Facebook confessing that all of us at Yarn Etc have a HUGE WIP pile. How many of you have the same?

Well, think of us as your WIP mentors! Let's pledge to each other to finish something in April!
Feel free to share your WIP with us over on Facebook so we can offer you encouragement. 😊 And I will endeavour to share mine with you all too!

I've just finished the cowl (middle image) using fantastic Lang Yarns Wool Addicts Footprints and I've finished one half of a pair of Among the Trees Socks. Only one more to go and I can stop hopping! 🤣
The kits above are in store only at the moment.
If you'd like one of the kits above to start your own WIP, please either pop in to the store or email [email protected] for more info and to buy mail order.

My top tip this month...

Don't underestimate the time it takes to sew up a garment. It's not something that should be rushed. Take your time and research various joining methods to find the ones that suit you and the garment best. Have a look at Mattress Stitch online or even better, come and join one of our classes and learn how to finish your garment professionally.

Pay it forward

We know and work with so many amazing small businesses, that we decided to have this section to share them with all of you 😊

This month we want to highlight Amy at Make Harrogate and her lovely Jewellery.
Amy creates all these beautiful pieces herself. She can create bespoke jewellery for you to go with a specific outfit and now makes buttons too!
To see what she's been up to recently (including bunny & carrot earrings!), you can find her on Instagram here.
Well, I packed a lot in this newsletter didn't I. Hopefully, your brew hasn't gone cold whilst you've been reading!

Good luck with all your WIP's and project planning. Speak soon and have fun.

Fi x

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