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Hello lovelies!

Summer is here and despite a few thunderstorms, the sunny, hot weather is meant to continue for a bit longer...well at least this weekend! How are you all? Coping in the heat?

With Glastonbury this week, Festival season has officially begun! And the bucket hat and crochet fashion is in full swing. We've got lots of fantastic festival patterns for you and plenty of summery projects to keep you busy over the coming months.

So grab yourself a glass of something cool (wine is my choice!), find a comfortable spot to sit and let's look at all the squishy fabulousness!

Look what's new!

Queensland Brighton beach

Cannot tell you how ridiculously gorgeous this yarn is. Needs to be seen to be believed!

A blend of linen, cotton & acrylic, the colours are stunning - absolutely stunning. Oh yeah… did I mention it’s stunning? Come squish!

£16.35 100g/300m
(Cotton 45%/ Linen 35%/ Acrylic 20%)
Queensland Brighton Beach ball

Limited Edition... Grundl Cloud yarn!

This delightful Grundl Cloud Ltd Edition yarn is only available for a short time. Its a fluffy yarn & Aran weight. Available in store for £7.45 a ball (or can be posted out for an extra £3.95).

Fi's personal favourite is...

Sirdar Stories - perfect for all the festival wear!

It is 60% cotton & 40% wool yarn and in lots of bright colours.

And this is the fantastic crochet bucket hat kit which no festival goer should be without!
Bucket hat kit available in store.

Please feel free to tag us or send us any pictures of your WIP's or you wearing your festival makes at the festivals. We'd love to see them. 🥰
I've been working on a cotton Zigazag Ahh scarf and have finally finished it - behold this thing of beauty!
And here is out Bunting kit, with various colours to choose from in store.
I've got lots more projects planned...so many fantastic ideas of things to keep me busy and loads of lovely yarns to choose from! Let's hope I complete them rather than add to the WIP pile! 😂

My top tip this month...

You can can never have enough stitch markers!

Stitch markers have so many uses in knitting and crochet, not just something to mark a place where a stitch is on your knitting or a place on the needles for the end of your row, they can also be useful for so much more. You can put them every 10 (or 20) stitches if you have a lot of stitches to cast on and they will save you having to count the whole of the stitches to make sure you have enough on your needles, you can just count in increments of 10 (or 20).

You can also use them to hold on to a stitch you have dropped until you get to a point to be able to pick the stitch back up again so it doesn't run any further back than it already has. They are also useful to put your last crochet stitch on to if you are taking a break from your project in case something catches your working yarn, it will stop the crochet project from unravelling.

What else do you use stitch markers for?

We sell several types in the shop and out multi coloured bulb safety pin stitch markers which can be used for both knitting and crochet are the biggest seller along with Knit Pro Opening Markers which can be used again for crochet and knitting or the Knit Pro ring markers which can be used for knitting.

Festival season is here! 🙌

We've got these fantastic patterns for knitted festival wear and bags, as well as crochet festival wear. If you need help choosing the yarn to go with the patterns, please ask us in store. We will be more than happy to help you 😊

Pay it forward

We know and work with so many amazing small businesses, that we decided to have this section to share them with all of you 😊

This month we want to highlight The Secret Bakery in Harrogate.
Have you visited the Secret Bakery when you’ve visited us? It’s conveniently (sometimes too conveniently) positioned right next door to us at Yarn Etc Towers and has the most delicious sandwiches and sweet treats.

The portion sizes are HUGE and ‘could’ be shared (but why would you lol). They do great coffees to drink in or take away as well so it’s the perfect place to drop off any non-yarny peeps who have come along with you so they can go have a coffee and let you have some well deserved me time to stroke the yarns with us next door at Yarn Etc. Or you could make a day of your visit and come squish yarn and then go have lunch.

I can highly recommend their secret sandwiches 🥰
There are lots of fabulous Yarn related dates coming up for all you Yarnistas out there. We thought we'd have a "Save the Date" section to share them with you so you can add them to your diaries. Do let us know if we are missing any!

  • Summer Wool Festival - 29th & 30th July 2023
  • September is National Sewing Month
  • North Yorkshire Yarn Trail - 9th - 24th September
  • International Crochet Day - Tuesday 12th September 2023
  • Shetland Wool Week is 23rd September - 1st October 2023
  • National Yarn Day - Saturday 14th October 2023
Another jam-packed edition and lots to get excited about. Good luck with all your summer projects and do pop in the shop if you have any questions or want to squish some yarn! 😁

Speak soon and have fun.

Fi x

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